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Back to the Future / Назад в Будущее (1985)

Back to the Future / Назад в Будущее (1985)

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The creators have been searching for a company that would agree to take such a scenario. After all, to make a film about time travel is very difficult, one misstep and the picture crumble in front of the viewer. But the company Universal Pictures, headed by Steven Spielberg happily accepted scenario. They were able to think about the plot to the smallest detail, which later brought the picture an army of fans worldwide. This legend with a capital letter can be viewed repeatedly.
About the film: in a grim and harsh family lives a normal American teenager named Marty McFly. He has one professor, nicknamed "Doc", which tells the protagonist of an interesting thing, and he shall be sure to show it. It was the DeLorean DMC-12 - a time machine runs the plutonium. At this point, there are Libyan terrorists, those who stole plutonium Doc. Terrorists shot the doctor, and Marty at the last moment to jump in time to Deslauriers. The machine moves the main character 20 years ago. There he meets his young parents and young friend the professor. The truth is the guy made a lot of mistakes which subsequently influence the future. Now Marty needed to fix it.

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