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Watch the online sci-fi thriller "Inception," which was directed by Christopher Nolan in 2010. The film was based on the idea of conscious dreams. Work on the picture started in the early 2000s and it wasn't until July 13, 2010 that the film was released worldwide. The film received positive reviews from critics, grossing $21 million on the first day and $62.7 million over the weekend. The film is now in fifth place on the list of the 250 best movies according to viewers. The main role in the film was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Stunning work of the director, smooth special effects, amazing script and excellent work of the whole crew - all this makes you lose the feeling of reality.
Movie plot: the main character named Cobb is a talented burglar, the best of the best. His job is to steal priceless secrets from the depths of the human subconscious during sleep. It is in sleep mode that the human mind is most vulnerable. In a familiar treacherous world, Cobb's amazing abilities have made him a valuable player, but they have also robbed the protagonist of everything he has ever loved. And now Cobb has an amazing opportunity to right all his wrongs. His latest "deed" can turn things around, but to do so he will need to perform the impossible - inception. Now Cobb will not steal the idea, but implement it...

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