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Terminator : Genisys / Терминатор : Генезис (2015)

Terminator : Genisys / Терминатор : Генезис (2015)

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Life Sarah Connor was still in danger. Allow her death can not be, because it depends on it the whole future of mankind. The leader of the resistance, John Connor decides to send to the distant 1984 Sergeant Kyle Reese that he look after Sarah and did not allow her death happens irreparable: due to some changes happening serious gap in time and space instead of the agreed-upon past sergeant gets in some new completely unfamiliar to him the past, where the situation is changing dramatically just. Now there is a real threat that the strongest Cyborg will be created in the future, which will be able to subdue the people and if it is cutting-edge and powerful robots will become full and sole masters of the planet. To admit that people can not, therefore, Sergeant Reese will have to quickly find their way in the new version of the past, suddenly become acquainted with their new allies, including the Terminator, as well as face-to-face with many new enemies, who are also going to fight to the bitter end. New allies will do everything possible to change the past and not allow the future that threatens them all...

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