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The Thirteenth (13-th) Floor / Тринадцатый (13-й) этаж (1999)

The Thirteenth (13-th) Floor / Тринадцатый (13-й) этаж (1999)

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A team of scientists manages to create a supercomputer capable of simulating the real world in just a confined area of it, as well as simulating the thinking and consciousness of the people who inhabit that space.
Hannon Fuller, the founder of the project, decides to use the computer to set up Los Angeles in 1937. But strange things begin to happen and one night Fuller calls the main member of the project, Douglas Hall, and asks him to come urgently to learn very important information about the simulation of the world. The next morning, Fuller is found dead, and the police begin to suspect Hall. Soon he even finds confirmation of his involvement in the murder, but he can't remember it. Hall manages to get a message from Fuller, who wanted to let him know that their reality is also a simulation.

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