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Romeo Must Die / Ромео должен умереть (2000)

Romeo Must Die / Ромео должен умереть (2000)

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The film premiered on March 22, 2000. The main role was played by Jet Li, whose name is known not only to connoisseurs of films about martial arts, but also to every connoisseur of cinema. The film has a rather interesting property, captivating the viewer with colorful characters and action scenes, fights and shootings. Also in the film there is a good portion of humor, which cannot leave you indifferent. It should also be noted the supporting actors, known for other films, each of them contributed to this film.
The plot of the film "Romeo Must Die": a war is waged between the Negro and the Chinese mafia over the division of a plot in Oakland. Han Sing - the main character, learns that his brother was killed by a Negro gang. He escapes from a Hong Kong prison and wants to find the killer. At this time, he met a charming girl named Trish O'Day. The couple are united by dangers and they decide together to stop the bloody war and find the killer...

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