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True Grit / Железная хватка (2010)

True Grit / Железная хватка (2010)

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The film "True Grit", which was shot in 2010, based on the novel of the same name by Charles Portis. The main roles were played by the owners of Oscars Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges, as well as the thirteen-year-old Hailee Steinfeld . The directors of the western were the Coen brothers. The world premiere of the film took place on December 22 in 2010. The film has been leading the box office for several weeks around the world and has become the highest grossing western in history. The Coen brothers have come a long way, creating a quality movie that everyone must watch.
The storyline of the film "True Grit" reveals to us the unusual story of fourteen-year-old girl Mattie Ross. Her father was brutally murdered and robbed by robber Tom Chaney. A desperate girl leaves her house in search of a killer. Arriving in the city, Mattie finds out that the robber is hiding in Indian territory, where there are no laws and the gang of a certain Ned Pepper is in charge. Having sold all the property that remains of his father, Mattie hires a one-eyed federal marshal. Marshal is famous for his true grit, violent disposition and fearlessness before death. At the very last moment, they are joined by the Texas ranger LaBoeuf, who also wanted to track down Chaney. It was a long and dangerous road for the heroes who set out...

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