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The Big Bang Theory ( 1 season ) / Теория большого взрыва ( 1 сезон) (2007)

The Big Bang Theory ( 1 season ) / Теория большого взрыва ( 1 сезон) (2007)

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A pair of young scientists - Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galeсki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) - are engaged in physics and consider yourself great minds. However, as it should be typical "nerds", in dealing with ordinary people they experience serious complications. The heroes have particular difficulties trying to talk to girls.
When an attractive blonde Penny (Kaley Cuoco) settles next to them, one of the guys - Leonard - starts show interest to the girl, but she likes young people of a completely different warehouse ...Trying to explain it to his friend, Sheldon even drops the phrase: “You are with her two different species.”Leonard, however, does not leave attempts to attract the attention of Penny and uses every convenient moment to showas her potential young man. The girl almost every episode meets a new guy,and all her novels almost always end in hysterics.
The best friends of Leo and Sheldon are astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) and engineer Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) -also very colorful characters: Howard likes to repeat every phrase in six different languages(including Russian), and Raj cannot say a word to a girl if he does not drink at least some alcohol.

1 Season, 1 Episode

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