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The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 / Боги, наверное, сошли с ума 2 (1989)

The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 / Боги, наверное, сошли с ума 2 (1989)

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The film takes place in a wild place - the Kalahari Desert. Two doctors, jurisprudence and zoology, suffer a minor plane crash. Bushman Xixo lost his children, who accidentally got into a truck by poachers, and runs on the trail of the truck all day long. One of the poachers is so stupid that their truck sometimes goes in the wrong direction, and then they have to turn around to look for a new road. And also two soldiers: an Angolan and a Cuban, who cannot decide which of them took the other prisoner. And two more little bushmens: Xisa and Xiri, who saw unusual things for the first time: guns, a truck and water that does not need to be collected in the form of dew.

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