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AC/DC - Thunderstruck (1990)

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (1990)

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After the release of Thunderstruck, two main versions of how it had been written from fans of the AC/DC group were circulated. According to one of them, Angus Young composed it under the impression of a flight during which lightning struck the plane. According to another, the inspiration came to him after the group members attended the military exercises CALFEX, where they were especially struck by the M1A1 tank. Allegedly, Thunderstruck is dedicated to him. But in 2003, when AC / DC re-released The Razors Edge, Angus Young explained exactly how the Thunderstruck song was written in an annotation:
"It started with a little trick that I learned on guitar. I played it to Malcolm, and he said, "Oh, I have a good rhythm idea that would be great as a background." From this we created a song. We fiddled with her for several months before everything fell into place. As for the text, it really came down to finding a good title ... We came up with a thunder version that had a cool subtext. AC/DC = power. This is the main idea."

Thunderstruck opens the album The Razors Edge, which was first presented to the public in 1990. The song peaked at number five on Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and was released as a single in several countries.

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