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Friends (4 season) / Друзья (4 сезон) (1997)

Friends (4 season) / Друзья (4 сезон) (1997)

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At the beginning of season 4, Ross decides to break with bald Bonnie to return to Rachel, who writes him a letter. Rachel writes that she is ready to reconcile with Ross only if he takes full responsibility for their quarrel. However, Ross was too tired to read the 36-page letter in the early hours of the dawn, but his desire to return with Rachel is such that he agrees with the letter without knowing what is written there. When he actually reads the letter, he will change his mind. Because of Rachel's constant insistence on writing and after having sex, they again separates.
Meanwhile, Chandler and Joe are with Monica on the beach, where she was stung by a jellyfish. Joey, who saw similar things on the Discovery Channel, suggests urinating on the wound, but scared, so Chandler should do it.
Learning the truth about her birth and her mother, Phoebe is extremely disappointed in her and about the fact that she never tried to learn about her. Phoebe walks away, not wanting to see her again. However, later they retain friendly relations. This season, Phoebe becomes pregnant. In the show she takes surrogate motherhood for her brother and his wife.
Joey begins to meet an actress named Kathy.

4 Season, 1 Episode

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