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Aladdin (3) and the King of Thieves / Аладдин (3) и король разбойников (1996)

Aladdin (3) and the King of Thieves / Аладдин (3) и король разбойников (1996)

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The animated film is set at a time when all the inhabitants of Agrabah are preparing for the long-awaited wedding of Aladdin and his beloved Princess Jasmine! But this event will be hindered by one unpleasant piece of news - the hero will have to stop a gang of forty thieves who want to steal their wedding gift - the all-seeing Oracle, which helps to find all the treasures in the world! Aladdin will have to face off against the King of Thieves. The wedding is disrupted, but luckily the bandits have not been able to carry out their plan. Aladdin becomes aware that his own father, of whose existence he knew nothing, is among the bandits. Our hero sets out on their trail with his friends. He must fight the cruelest brigand, find his father and together with him go in search of the mysterious Hand of Midas.

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