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Berlin - Take My Breath Away (1986)

Berlin - Take My Breath Away (1986)

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The touching song became famous in the performance of the American group Berlin, but Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock are considered to be the authors of the hit.
Their acquaintance fell at the dawn of the 1980s, when the legendary disco king hired Whitlock to fix his Ferrari. During the conversation, it turned out that Tom loves music. Then Moroder arranged a new friend in his own recording studio, and noting the awakened gift for rhyming in him, entrusted the writing of poetry to the film "Top Gun". One of Tom's songs turned out to be "Take My Breath Away"!
Probably how popular "Top Gun" was at the box office, there is no need to remind... The box office of the film was $ 350 million worldwide! Such a result is still very rare today, but in those years... The competitors of the motion picture could be easily counted on one hand. The dialogues of the heroes were taken away for quotes, and the soundtrack itself became the undisputed leader of all the prestigious charts!
It was in 1986 that Berlin gained their coveted fame by performing this composition. True, their lucky ticket was also the last major achievement for them... A year later the band broke up, and "Take My Breath Away" contributed to this in many ways...
If the soloist Terri Nunn was in seventh heaven with happiness that Berlin had a wonderful piece called "Take My Breath Away" - then the rest of the musicians were genuinely indignant... None of them liked this hit, because it was written by absolutely strangers. It did not belong to any of them... And although after a dozen years after the collapse, Terri still achieved the right to use the name Berlin, creating a new group, she never achieved its former success...
Meanwhile, the track entered the TOP-10 of many countries, confidently taking the lead in the Billboard Hot 100! In 1986, the single was released on Columbia and Geffen. In the same year, he brought his authors two prestigious awards at once - "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".
Lyrics, melody, magic sound - in this composition, it would seem, all the details have formed into a single harmonious picture...
To this day, the gentle "Take My Breath Away" pleases and inspires fans of sensual music!

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